1st “Taste of Tuesday” market of the season!

We are attending our first West Linn “Taste of Tuesday” market today! We will be there from 4:30-8:30pm this afternoon. If your in the area swing by and grab some wonderful lettuce, kales and radishes.

President’s Cancer Panel Suggests Organic Foods!

President’s Cancer Panel Suggests Organic Foods! But, seriously, the paper did release some important news regarding the state of chemicals in our environment, including our food, and their impact on cancers. As the New York Times column described this President-appointed panel, it is the “Mount Everest of the medical mainstream.” Columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote on […]

Extended subscription food box sale!

We decided in these hard times that we would extend our early season pricing up till market start! We’ve been working hard on the farm so we’ve neglected our advertising so we want everyone we know to get a chance at fresh veggies at a cheap price (around $30 a box!) Go to www.19thstreetfarms.com for […]

Farm Update 5/3/2010

We have been getting an early jump on things this season. With all the great weather we had this winter things were going great. Then winter came back and growth slowed down but now as the day length gets longer and the sun breaks through everything is taking off again!

10 tips for those new to Farmers Markets

I just stumbled upon this little article and thought it might be interesting reading before the farmers market season hits full swing! Top 10 Mistakes Made by Farmers Market Noobz